Arabic in Israel: Language, Power, Discourse

Years of Activity: 2013 - 2014

Research Status:


Rim Abu Jaber, Basilius Bawardi, Idan Barir, Aleef Faranesh, Sigal Georgi, Rabbah Halabi, Yonatan Mendel, Yonit Na’aman, Salman Natour, Alon Fragman, Meital Pinto, Tarik Rjeib, Yehouda Shenhav, Aida Touma-Suleiman, Dafna Yitzhaki

The "Arabic in Israel: Language, Power, Discourse" research group began its work at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in the beginning of 2013. It is coordinated and directed by the writer and journalist Marzouk el-Halabi. Its members are scholars in a variety of knowledge areas and have various research approaches. The group discusses issues related to the status, place, teaching, and use of Arabic in Israel among Palestinians and Jews, as well as political, pedagogical, and social issues related to Arabic.


In their discussions the members link the status and place of Arabic in Israeli society with the status and place of the Palestinians in Israel. For example, they are examining issues related to the place of Arabic in Palestinian society in Israel and questions related to the power relations between Arabic, on the one hand, and the state and Hebrew, on the other. They are also studying how the conflict and the political reality are reflected in the teaching of Arabic and its use as a language of culture, creativity, and writing. The discussions are in Arabic and Hebrew.