The Humanities, Jewish Studies, and Theories of Law: An Interdisciplinary View

Humanities   |   Jewish Studies   |   law
Years of Activity: 2018

Research Status:


Ari Akerman, Yuval Blankovsky,  Tirtza Kalman, Brachyahu Lifschitz, Uri Lifschitz, Sara Mandel, Omer Minka, Sagit Mor, Yifat Munikandem, Nahshon Perez, Haim Schiff, Roni Shueka, Alex Waldman, Shira Wolosky

This research workshop aims to explore the potential contribution of classical and modern theories of law to research and scholarship in the humanities and Jewish studies. Theories of law deal with such questions as the following: What is the law and how does it differ from politics and morality? What is the nature of legal rationales and arguments and how do they differ from rationales and arguments in other areas? What distinguishes interpretation in the field of law from interpretation in such fields as literature, philosophy, and history? What are the limits of the law? We assume that theories dealing with law and legal thought may enrich the toolbox of scholars in the humanities and Jewish studies beyond the philological and literary tools already in use and that they may offer an efficient and fruitful conceptual framework for analyzing the themes and thought structures in the texts.

The research group will meet for three semesters: the second semester of the 2017/18 academic year and both semesters of 2018/19, for a total of fifteen meetings, five in each semester.