The Military Government: Economy, Knowledge, and Memory

Years of Activity: 2013 - 2015

Research Status:

Not Active

Irit Balas, Yael Berda, Orna Cohen, Arnon Degani, Adel Manna, Yonatan Mendel, Moriel Ram, Omri Raviv, Areej Sabbagh-Khoury, Hannah Shemesh, Oren Shlomo, Himmat Zoabi

"The Military Government: Economy, Knowledge, and Memory" research group is coordinated by Benny Nurieli. Its members discuss the ways in which the military government, which existed in Israel between 1948 and 1968, was constructed as a mechanism for creating a civil society among Palestinians and Jews. The members examine the influence of the military administration, even after it officially ended, on population management in Israel and in the territories occupied since 1967.


Group members consider various issues that reveal the relations between the military administration and the social hierarchies and the creation and duplication of knowledge and memory. In the course of the year a variety of such issues are presented, including the military administration as a mechanism for obtaining votes in elections to the Knesset; the military administration as an institution for producing knowledge about Palestinian Arabs; the military administration as a laboratory for examining the relations between the government and the Palestinian citizens and the Jewish citizens; forms of economic supervision in various areas of the government.


The group aims to present the results of its activity as a collection of articles.