Program for Developing Models of Collaborative Governance in Local Authorities

Years of Activity: 2012 - 2018

Research Status:


Researcher and program director: Dr. Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg

The aim of the program is to strengthen the ability of local authorities to promote the welfare of their residents. By combining cutting-edge research with fieldwork in lower-income localities, we are furthering the development of new collaborative governance arrangements.

Operating since 2012, our program originated as an action-research on developing professional and leadership capacities in the periphery. Based on the initial research we decided to embrace the theoretical framework of collaborative governance, thus reshaping the program to include the development of various collaborative models, while assisting in the improvement of local professional and leadership capacities. Our research examines the feasibility, sustainability, advantages, and disadvantages of each model.

The two parallel tracks of the program – fieldwork and academic research – are interconnected in permanent feedback loops between theory and practice on the questions that arise when forming collaborative government arrangements, such as generating agreements between participants, redistribution of authority and responsibilities, and more.

Our work with each local authority lasts two to three years.