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Board of Trustees

Mr. Yarom Ariav

Mr. Yarom Ariav

Yarom Ariav is a senior economist with expertise in macroeconomic policy. He served as the Director General...

Academic Committee

Yochi Fischer

Dr. Yochi Fischer

Dr. Yochi Fischer is the deputy director of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute; a senior research fellow; the...

Senior Research Fellows

Yehouda Shenhav

Prof. Yehouda Shenhav

Yehouda Shenhav (Doctoral degree from Stanford University, 1985) is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology...
Yfaat Weiss

Prof. Yfaat Weiss

Professor Yfaat Weiss teaches in the department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry and heads The Franz...

Research Fellows

Yotam Benziman

Dr. Yotam Benziman

Dr. Yotam Benziman is a Research Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and co-editor of Identities:...
Yoav Mazeh

Attorney Dr. Yoav Mazeh

Dr. Yoav Mazeh is an attorney and a doctor of law. After receiving his first law degree at the Hebrew...
Rabbi Yosef Miller

Rabbi Yosef Miller

Rabbi Yosef Nathan Miller is a graduate of the Hebron Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He served as the head of a kolel...
Yonathan Mizrachi

Yonathan Mizrachi

Yonathan Mizrachi has an MA in archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since 1998 he has been an...
Efrat Yerday

Efrat Yerday

Efrat Yerday was born in Ashdod and lives in Beersheba. She has a master’s degree in politics and government...

Library Fellows

Dr. Yael Sela Teichler

Dr. Yael Sela Teichler

Yael Sela Teichler is a faculty member at the Open University of Israel, where she serves as director of the...

Institute staff

ירדן קידר

Yarden Kedar

Yarden Kedar is a candidate for a master’s degree in public policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He...
Yoval Rivlin

Yuval Rivlin

Born in Jerusalem. Yeshiva education (rabbinical track in Beit Morasha in Jerusalem). Earned a BA in...
Yael Shalev-Vigiser

Yael Shalev-Vigiser

Yael Shalev-Vigiser earned a BA cum laude in education and sociology and anthropology and an MA cum laude in...
Aviya Yatzkan

Aviya Yatzkan

Aviya Yatzkan has a BA in political science and in the interdisciplinary program in the humanities (art and...
Orna Yoeli-Benbenisty

Orna Yoeli-Benbenisty

Orna holds a BA in history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and did graduate work in contemporary...