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Soviet and Post-Soviet Movie Club at the Polonsky Academy

Spring Semester 2018

For invitees only


1930 | Dir: Oleksandr Dovzhenko | 79 minutes | Ukrainian

A lyrical and poetic film set in early Soviet Ukraine, in “a period not only of economic transformation but also of mental transformation of the whole people”, as Dovzhenko himself put it.  Often included in the various lists as one of the most important films of the Soviet era.


Beyond the Capitals: Exploring (Post) Soviet Cinematic Peripheries

The Soviet Union was the world’s largest country, covering approximately one sixth of the earth’s land surface and encompassing eleven time zones and all the major climatic regions. A country of significant ethnic diversity, it was home to more than one hundred ethnic groups. This semester, the Soviet and Post-Soviet Movie Club at the Polonsky Academy ventures outside the metropolitan areas of European Russia. Traveling from the western Carpathian borderlands to arid deserts of Central Asia and from snow-capped mountains of the Caucasus to remote villages in the Russian North, this program explores and celebrates the diversity of Soviet and post-Soviet cinema.

The screenings will take place at the Polonsky Auditorium on Mondays at 18.00, starting with a brief introduction by Dr. Pavel Vasilyev. All movies will be screened in the original with English subtitles. After each screening, there will be an opportunity for informal discussion.


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