Greece and Europe at crossroads: An insight on current Greek politics in Europe and the East Mediterranean

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יום שלישי 12/01/16, 18:00 עד 20:00

First in a series of lectures

Greece in the Eye of the Cyclone: An Inside Perspective

The economic and political upheaval in Greece, that reached its climax in the summer of 2015, drew sharp public attention in the European community and beyond it. But while the international community was interested mainly in the consequences of Greece remaining or leaving the European Union, the suffering of the Greek nation and the tremendous changes and tensions it experienced partly remained in the shade. 
In this series of lectures, given by Greek researchers and public figures, we will examine this neglected dimension of the crisis that is hitting Greece.


In his lecture, His Excellency Mr. Spyridon Lampridis, ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Israel, will give an overview of the geopolitical situation of his country.
The lecture will start by describing Europe’s post-1990 historic evolution, the European Union’s 2004 massive enlargement, the 2008 international financial crisis, and the Greek debacle, as well as the root causes and par¬ticularities of the Greek crisis. The second part of the lecture will focus on the dramatic events in Greece in the last year, from the drastic political shift in Greece, to the additional stress caused by massive refugee migration. The ambassador will conclude by portraying the EU vision for a united, democratic, and humane Europe and by pointing to both Greece and Israel as pillars of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.