Greece's Crisis and the Future of the EU

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יום שני 11/04/16, 18:00 עד 20:00

Fourth in a series of lectures

Greece in the Eye of the Cyclone: An Inside Perspective

The recent Greek debt crisis has hit the prospects of European enlargement. A possible Greek exit from the Eurozone could trigger a domino effect of insecurity and instability not only within the EU, but also throughout the neighboring region. The EU’s symbolic role as an “anchor” of prosperity and stability might lose its credibility and appeal for other countries.
Although enlargement remains the EU’s official policy toward countries like those in the Western Balkans, the ongoing crises have deeply affected their already weak economies and deepened the mood of uncertainty. Will the Greek financial crisis lead to an “enlargement fatigue” or the is EU still able to serve as an engine for a meeting between core Europe and its peripheries?