Imploding Societies across the Twentieth Century

nationalism   |   history   |   Holocaust   |   genocide   |   Mass Violence
יום שני 10/07/17, 17:30 עד 19:30


Public Session

Part of the International Workshop:

Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence

The panel will discuss how different people in different multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies at different times of crisis came to see the world and think about themselves, their neighbors, and strangers through national lenses. How did Europeans make sense of the Balkan wars in 1912-1914? How did neighbors in numerous towns in east Galicia come to see each other in the first half of the twentieth century as a society of Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews in conflict? To what extent and how did this process determine behavior and actions during World War II? How did Jews who settled in Palestine in the decades prior to 1948 perceive Palestinians who had lived on the land for generations? And how did these perceptions shape the course of the war and mass violence in Israel/Palestine in 1948 and until the present?