Reclaiming the City Square: Urban Protests in the Mediterranean

יום ראשון 25/05/14 עד יום שני 26/05/14


Invitees Only

The aim of this academic workshop is to discuss and conceptualize the recent social protest movements from an interdisciplinary, regional perspective. We will study individual movements within the broader context of social movements in the Mediterranean and examine regional trends and commonalities. The city square - whether Tahrir, Taksim, or Rothschild - provides the main inspiration for this workshop: it is the place where citizens come to voice their concerns and express their demands.

Topics of discussion include but are not limited to:

  • Are these movements the result of a new world order, or are they mere coincidences?
  • To what extent do these movements reflect a battle between competing geopolitical and spatial perceptions?
  • What is the function of public spaces in cities today?
  • What do the geographical and spatial aspects of the social protests reveal about the nature
  • of new (urban) citizenship?
  • What is "the public"; does it include ethnic and racial minorities, women, and migrants?