Resistance of Small Nations to the Cyclone: Regional and International Perspectives

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יום שני 09/05/16, 18:00 עד 20:00

Fifth in a series of lectures

Greece in the Eye of the Cyclone: An Inside Perspective

The Greek word "ethnos" is a broad term often understood as the elements in nation making or as an umbrella term for the building of the modern nation-state. The academic discussion around "ethnos" nowadays is being challenged not only by globalization principles which try to enforce a global village where nations will or will not play an important role, but also by efforts to establish states with strong ideology and faith such as that of some right-wing parties or those of the Muslim caliphate. This presentation is an attempt to discuss problems created by the current political and social unrest, which is so strong that it runs the danger of enabling political anarchism where people will regard as a gateway only the move to other countries, creating parameters of social diversity and dynamics of clash of interests. It will address questions such as the following: Could small countries like Israel, Greece or Cyprus survive in a bankrupt world? What kinds of regional politics should dominate the relations of Mediterranean countries possessing hydrocarbons in their Exclusive Economic Zone? What kind of coalitions might be developed in future in order to establish peaceful coexistence among nations? What is the relation of radicalization and terrorism to the traditional nation-state?