Between Revolutions: Public Protest and the Rejuvenation of Marxist Categories

יום חמישי 01/12/11, 18:30 עד 20:00

The recent social protests in central capitals of many countries of the world, following the "Arab Spring" are considered a turning point in world politics. They challenge either political or economic regimes that marginalized a growing number of people and caused the deterioration of their social security. Corrupt authoritarian political structures and neoliberal economic policies were put under major public pressures. Both share the mobilization of educated young middle class people, who went out to the streets to express their frustration and unhappiness from the economic philosophy and political ideology ruling their life. These developments are deeply related to an ideological struggle, taking place since the fall of the socialist camp and the fall of the Soviet Union. Since then the Middle East region has been a scene of major ideological upheavals. National, Neo-Marxist, liberal and Islamist political forces have been competing for power and influence. The Arab spring is a turning point in this process.