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Monday ,12 September, 2016 to Thursday ,15 December, 2016






The exhibition will be open 13.9.2016 until 15.12.2016

Sunday-Thursday at 9:0018:00, Friday 9:0013:00


Yuri Dojc about his exhibition:
“In January 1997, at the funeral of my father I met a remarkable woman, Mrs. Vajnorska. She was one of the thousand or so girls, who in early 1942 boarded the very first train to Auschwitz. She spent three years there, lost her entire family except for her brother. She told me of her daily home visits to others who survived like she did. I asked her if I could accompany her on her daily rounds. She agreed.
And so I began photographing these people and the world they live in.”
Serendipity led Yuri and the documentary film team to an abandoned Jewish school in Eastern Slovakia, where time had stood still since the day in 1942 when all those attending it were taken away to the camps… the school books all still there, essay notebooks with corrections, school reports, even the sugar still in the cupboard…
These decaying books lying on dusty shelves; the last witnesses of a once thriving culture are treated by Yuri Dojc as the individual survivors that they are – each book captured as in a portrait, preserved in their final beauty, pictures speaking a thousand words. Amongst these many hundreds of books and fragments photographed by Yuri, one stands out especially – a book that miraculously found its way from a dusty pile to its rightful heir - a book once owned by Yuri’s grandfather – Jakub.
And so a journey which began with the portrait of his father came full circle.

Under the auspices of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic to Israel

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