The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute fosters innovative interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences and develops new ways of addressing questions of global concern that have special import for Israeli society and the region. Research and public engagement at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute currently take place in four thematic clusters: Sacredness, Religion, and Secularization; Globalization and Sovereignty; Science, Technology, and Civilization; and Israel in the Middle East. Alongside work in thematic clusters, the Institute fosters a large-scale project promoting gender equality in Israel, and serves as a platform for thinking through and beyond challenges to liberal democracy in our time. In all areas, work at the Institute seeks to break down some of the obstacles to social change by overcoming dichotomies that have become stifling, and offering new terms through which to think about contemporary issues. Our commitment to free and open inquiry is reflected in our maintaining a deeply diverse body of staff and researchers who model civil discourse even as they facilitate and engage in scholarship and relate it to civil society. The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute is home to the Polonsky Academy, the leading international post-doctoral program in Israel, as well as to the Van Leer Institute Press, which publishes leading academic journals in Hebrew as well as key works in cutting-edge social and political thought and Middle East culture, mostly in Hebrew for an Israeli audience.


  • To be a hub for groundbreaking ideas in the humanities and social sciences
  • To probe, define, and shape the public discourse and to disseminate alternative ways of thinking about current topics
  • To foster thought leadership through capacity building programs
  • To promote new ways of living together in a deeply divided society and region and to advance new ways of promoting a just and democratic social and economic order


The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
43 Jabotinsky Street
POB 4070
9104001 Jerusalem

Tel. 972-2-5605222
Fax. 972-2-5619293

Parking is not available at the Institute.
Paid parking is available on nearby streets.

Communication and Public Relations:
Daniel Jonas
Tel. 972-54-6305101

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