Daniel Jonas

Director of spokesmanship and public relations

Daniel directs the spokesmanship and public relations array at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. He is a communications consultant with great experience in the third sector and academe. He is an Orthodox Jew, born in Jerusalem, where he lives with his husband, Uri. Daniel has an MA in Jewish history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His thesis focused on the homoerotic aspect of Sabbatean philosophy. After the Tel Aviv gay center shooting in August 2009, he increased his efforts on behalf of the LGBTQ community in general and the religious LGBTQ community in particular. He joined Havruta, an organization of religiously inclined Jewish Gay people, first as a committee member and spokesperson and then as chair of the organization for six years. In recent years he has broadened his activity to additional political and social areas: He ran for city council on the Meretz ticket and was the director of Yeru-Shalem—The Coalition for a Pluralist Jerusalem and the spokesperson of Bimkom—Planners for Planning Rights.

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