Prof. Igal Kvart

Igal Kvart
Fields of Practice: 
Epistemology, Causation, Counterfactuals, Reference, Mental Causation, Attitudinal Ascriptions

Prof. Igal Kvart has been working on Counterfactuals, Reference, Attitudinal Ascriptions – including the de dicto/de re distinction, Causation, Mental Causation, Knowledge, Skepticism, and Pragmatic Accounts of Knowledge. He has developed chance-based accounts of Counterfactuals, Causation and Knowledge, which provide the foundation for a unified probabilistic (chance-based) intensional logic. His work on Causation and Counterfactuals fits into a general strategy for an account of the metaphysics of an indeterministic world. His work on Reference and Knowledge is partly intended to provide a physicalist basis for language.