Rabbi Prof. Naftali Rothenberg

Naftali Rothenberg
Senior Research Fellow; chair of Jewish Culture and Identity; Editor of Identities: Journal for Jewish Culture & Identity
Fields of Practice: 
The wisdom of love, political philosophy, environmental philosophy, pholosophy of Halakha

Rabbi Professor Naftali Rothenberg is a senior research fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (since 1994), where he is Jewish Culture and Identity chair and editor of Identities, Journal for Jewish Culture & Identity. He also serves as the Rabbi and spiritual leader of Har Adar, a Jerusalem suburb town, where he resides with his family.

His main fields of research are: The wisdom of love; Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Halakha; Democratic education.


He has published numerous articles and 12 books. His most recent books are:

· Unity within Diversity: A Common Core Curriculum for Israeli Schoolchildren. (With Libat Avishay), Jerusalem 2012, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

·Wisdom by the week – the Weekly Torah Portion as an Inspiration for Thought and Creativity, New York 2012: Yeshiva University Press and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

· Values and Citizens – Civic Democratic Education, Jerusalem 2011: The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Rabbi in the New World: The Influence of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik on Culture, Education and Jewish Thought, (with Avinoam Rosenak) Jerusalem 2011: Magnes Hebrew University Press and the VLJI.

· The Wisdom of Love—Man, Woman & God in Jewish Canonical Literature, Boston 2009: Academic Studies Press.



Naftali Rothenberg is the 2011 laureate of the Liebhaber Prize for the encouragement of religious tolerance in Israel.

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