Polonsky Postdoctoral Fellowships



The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute offers Polonsky Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2013/2014, generously funded by the Polonsky Foundation. 


The fellowships – in any field of the Humanities and Social Sciences – offer an annual stipend of $40,000, with yearly renewal for a period of up to five years, contingent upon demonstrated progress in research. Recipients will work on their research at the Institute for consecutive years during the period of the award. 
The Polonsky Fellowships were granted for the first time in 2008/2009.

Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Director of VLJI, comments: "This new fellowship program is bringing young scholars at the cutting edge of their disciplines to enlighten the Institute's researchers, while they too shall profit from the Institute's unique context."


Contact us: polonsky@vanleer.org.il