“Instead of from Welfare to Employment—from Employment to Productivity.” Interview with Prof. Michel Strawczynski on the symposium on Arabs in the labor market in Israel, 20.10.2013

The low rate of participation of Arabs in Israel’s labor market is worrisome. Moreover, many would-be participants in the labor market have difficulty finding work, and unemployment rates among them are high. Those who do find employment are concentrated in a small number of low-paying occupations. On 23.10.2013, the Economics and Society Program held a symposium on Arabs in the labor market. The participants were leading economists and decision makers in Israel, as well as Arab experts in this field. In advance of the symposium Prof. Strawczynski was interviewed on the program Making a New Order, on the First Channel, to explain the topic and its importance. Prof. Strawczynski pointed out that it is not enough to increase the participation rates of Arabs in Israel, as has been done until now. The employment rates in high-paying and high-productivity occupations must also be increased. Otherwise, the condition of the Arab population will not improve.

The Interview