Common Denominator: A Consensus on a Set of Values and Moral Principles for both State and State-Religious Education

Directors: Dafna Schreiber and Nurit Harman; Years of activity: 2009-2011

Participants: Tomer Baliti-Dagan, Hagit Cohen-Eliyahu, Einat Goreh, Irit Hefetz, Ya’acov Ideles, Shlomit Kislev, Yona Lemberger, Rachel Lifshitz, Lea Lurie, Zohar Maliniak, Tzippi Mel, Moshe Schmerling, Aviya Shashar, Rafi Twizer, Moshe Weinstock, Itai Yavin, Yehoshua Zekbach, Yoav Zimran


This program was established as an outshoot of the "New Horizons for Religious Educators” program, and as part of the institute’s commitment to reducing the gaps in Israeli society and reducing the tensions between groups in that society.
The aim of this program was to grapple with the growing division in Israeli society and the erasure of the common ground between the Religious-Zionist and the secular populations. The Common Denominator program brought together eighteen leading educators – half from the National-Religious system (yeshivas and ulpanas), and half from the State system, with the aim of stimulating and encouraging intensive dialogue between them. The program also aims to generate discussion and clarification of values and ethical principles that are shared by the State and the National-Religious education systems, or that divide them. The goal, at the end of the process, is to develop educational projects that will be implemented in the schools.