The Economics and Society Program- Disputes in Economics, Second Series

Disputes in Economics, Second Series, is the main area of activity of the Economics and Society Program. The series aims to present key topical economic issues in as balanced a way as possible and to ground the public debate on them on a solid conceptual and factual base. The theoretical and empirical economic knowledge accessible to the public on these and other issues does not always reflect the existing knowledge, with all its nuances and complexities, in a given field. Thus the goal of the series is to present the topics it addresses from a variety of angles and to outline the considerations for and against each policy, so as to help the public form an educated view based on broad familiarity with the options for action.

Each of the disputes dealt with in the series is presented in a separate booklet, and these booklets are the basis for public discussion in evenings organized by the Economics and Society Program. They have been written in clear and accessible language by experts in their fields, and they are intended for anyone interested in the key issues that are shaping the economy and society in Israel.

Disputes in Economics, Second Series, which took place at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in 2011, is a continuation of the Disputes in Economics series that took place at the institute in 2006–2007.