Hebrew is a Language of the East: The Poet who is Formulating a Vision of Jewish-Arab Culture / Carmit Sapir Weitz, Maariv Books 28/8/2016 (Hebrew)

"We may well be in a process of expanding the perception of Mizrahi society, in a way that will no longer allow for its restriction or abolition". Dr. Almog Behar, member of the "Recalibrating" panel, prepares for the "Mekudeshet" festival.

Behar will reflect in "Recalibrating" on Hebrew literature and Mizrahi literature, and will consider whether Mizrahi literature is a sub-category of Hebrew literature – or perhaps the other way round.

The event will take place on 15.9 at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


For the article (in Hebrew): http://www.maariv.co.il/culture/literature/Article-554982


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