Israel’s gender gap is as wide as ever: Naomi Chazan on TLV1 radio, 19.6.14

The Israeli Gender Inequality Index, an innovative development of the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS), is a tool for the broad examination of the level of gender inequality in Israel over time.

A new gender index developed by Jerusalem’s Van Leet Institute reveals just how bad gender inequality is in Israel; as it turns out, the gender gap barely budged in the past decade. Professor Naomi Chazan, co-director of the WIPS Institute (The Center for the Advancement of Women in Public Sphere) at Van Leer, is here to explain.

To the interview (in English):


A detailed report on the Gender Inequality Index for 2014 was presented at the meeting of the Knesset Status of Women and Gender Equality Committee meeting on June 16, 2014; the full text can be downloaded here.