A New Publishing House Tries to Connect Us to the Literary World that Surrounds Us: Gal Gabbay Interviews Dr. Yonatan Mendel in Osim Seder Hadash ("Creating a New Order") on Channel 23, 13/3/2017 (Hebrew)

"Maktoob," a new publishing house, tries to connect us to the literature of the region in which we live. Dr. Mendel: "Most intermediaries we rely on in Israel are commentators or military people; there are hardly any civilian intermediaries to facilitate our connection directly with the very rich Arab culture… I want Israeli Jews to understand what an Egyptian’s lifestyle is like in Egypt. Not only what is good or bad for Israel, but what it is really like to live there."


The interview can be heard from minutes 22:43 to 27:59.


To hear the interview (in Hebrew): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfIv8tvZJko&feature=youtu.be