Prof. Strawczynski: “The state must invest more in the ultra-Orthodox population and the Arab population; the minute they see the investment, a change for the better will come from within them.” Radio Interviews, 05-06.11.2013

Prof. Michel Strawczynski is speaking about the recommendations of the team he headed for the Eli Hurwitz Forum on Economics and Society. The main recommendations concern the integration of Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews in the economy. It is well known that great gaps exist between those sectors and the rest of the Israeli population in terms of participation in the work force. But there are also not-insignificant gaps in the education level between those sectors and the overall population. True, the government’s From Welfare to Employment Program was a success, but its participants found only low-paying jobs. Consequently, there has been a drop in the average wage of the participants in the labor market from these two sectors. What is needed is an increase in government spending on these sectors so that they receive training that will prepare them better for the Israeli labor market. Also, these sectors must see that the government is investing in them. Then there will be a true attempt on their part to make use of the training the government is offering.

The interviews, from the 05/11/2013 on IDF Radio and 06/11/2013 on Reshet Bet Channel, can be found in the attached files.