There are a Multitude of Good Reasons for Jews in Israel to be Bilingual: An Interview with Prof. Muhammad Amara / London and Kirshenbaum, Nana10 5/7/2016 (Hebrew)

Yaron London interviews Prof. Muhammad Amara, President of the Israel Association for the Study of Language and Society and Head of Advanced Studies at Beit Berl College, following the annual conference on Language, Identity and Conflict in Israel, at which Amara presented the results of a study on "The Arabic Language in Israeli Academe."

The conference took place on 3/7/16 at Beit Berl, in cooperation with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Sikkuy—the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, and Dirasat—the Arab Center for Law and Policy, and with the assistance of the European Union in Israel.


To watch the interview (in Hebrew):