Why Is There a Decline in the Study of Arabic in the Jewish Population? An Interview with Dr. Yonatan Mendel in Baini uBainak ("Between Me and You") / Makan – Channel 33, 17/5/2018 (Arabic)

The opening program of "Between Me and You" – the youth program of "Makan" on Channel 33, moderated by Goni Cohen and Baligh Salladin, and four other Jewish and Arab youths from around the country.

Dr. Yonatan Mendel: "Arabic is an official language in Israel only technically; in practice, it has inferior status both to Hebrew and English. The motivations for learning Arabic are limited, and so is the knowledge of the language.”


The interview can be heard from minutes 11:00 to 25:40.


For the interview (in Arabic, with Hebrew subtitles):