Wednesday ,29 June, 2016 to Monday ,11 July, 2016




60th year | שנת ה-60 | سنة ال 60

The United States-Israel Educational Foundation

קרן חינוך ארצות הברית – ישראל

صندوق التعليم الولايات المتحدة - إسرائيل

The Fulbright Commission for Israel


The exhibition “Beautiful Knowledge” opens a window onto the last sixty years of scientific research and creativity of Fulbright program alumni. The purpose is to examine the relationship between knowledge and beauty and to translate that relationship into exhibition settings, screenings and objects.

At the same time, the exhibition is an attempt to assess possible development trends in human knowledge over the coming forty years. In this respect, the exhibition is a process in which –, together with you, the visitors – materials are being curated for a conference that will celebrate Fulbright’s 100th year of activity in 2056.

Based on the forecasts of a variety of scholars and artists, projections of the future of knowledge, technology and art will be deposited in a time capsule. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to try to assess what the world will look like at the time of that future conference, and whether the next generation of researchers will find in it the same beauty.

The exhibition will be open until Monday 11.7.2016
Sunday-Thursday 9:00-17:00; Friday 9:00-12:00