Different Voices, Different Visions: Broadening the Ways to Imagine Peace

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Thursday ,14 March, 2019 , 09:00 to 17:15


The vocabulary of the Israeli peace camp is well known. It includes 1967 borders, Oslo Accord, two states for two peoples, occupation, settlements, and peace now. The profiles of its Jewish supporters and opponents are also well known. On one side is the secular-liberal left and on the other side are those who are often presented as its opponents, including National Religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews and right-wing Mizrahi Jews from Israel’s social periphery. However, in recent years we have seen initiatives springing up outside the liberal left—among clerics, settlers, and even liberals, both Jews and Arabs, who aim to create a theoretical space that will be an alternative to the familiar peace discourse. This conference aims to provide a platform for these voices and to discuss anew the meaning and interpretation of the concept of peace in the alternative visions of peace. Our hope is that the new theoretical space will encourage a search for new and more inclusive and effective channels for thought and action. 

conference is being held jointly by Shaharit, the Citizens Accord Forum, and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

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