Exhibition: The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul

evolution   |   sensitive   |   Soul
Thursday ,10 May, 2018 to Wednesday ,15 August, 2018

Exhibition at the VLJI

Part of the series Talking about Science in the Twenty-First Century

moderated by Oren Harman

Prior to the publication of The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul

By Simona Ginsburg and Eva Jablonka

Illustrated by Anna Zeligowski

(forthcoming from The MIT Press in 2019)

The exhibition will be open until 15.8.2018

Sunday-Thursday at 9:00—17:00, Friday 9:00—12:00

Can scientific investigation explain the nature of consciousness, of subjective experiencing? The nature of consciousness is one of the greatest enigmas facing scientists, and many believe that science will never be able to elucidate it. We approach this problem from an evolutionary perspective, which focuses on the origins of consciousness during the history of life on earth.  We argue that consciousness is a facet of an open learning capacity, and that it was the evolution of learning that led to the emergence of consciousness in the Cambrian era, 542 million years ago. Consciousness is ancient and diverse, and its scientific-evolutionary understanding leads to surprising biological, psychological, philosophical and ethical insights. The drawings in the exhibition add a visual dimension to the verbal descriptions, explanations and interpretations and generate an artistic experience in the observer that is based on the affective and aesthetic aspects of human cognition.