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Wednesday ,24 October, 2018 to Friday ,7 December, 2018


Properties, the main exhibition of the 2018 Manofim Festival of Contemporary Art in Jerusalem, will be displayed in the Talbiye quarter, in the heart of Jerusalem.

Properties will be shown in several buildings in the neighborhood, some of them private homes and others public buildings: the Museum for Islamic Art, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, the Israel Psychoanalytic Society, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, No. 11 Marcus Street, and No. 1 Marcus Street.

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute the works of the following artists will be exhibited: Etti Abergel, Ron Asulin, Hanan Armaly Haddad, Aya Ben Ron, Hamody Gannam, Rona Sela, and Nardeen Srouji.

Curators: Rinat Edelstein and Lee He Shulov.

Assistant curator and producer: Hadassa Cohen

Admission is Free

Opening hours during the Manofim festival:

October 23–26:

Tuesday: 19:00–23:00

Wednesday, Thursday: 11:00–18:00

Friday: 10:00–14:00


Opening hours after the Manofim festival:

Tuesdays: 12:00–16:00

Thursdays: 15:00–19:00

Fridays: 10:00–14:00


The exhibition closes on December 7, 2018.

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