Online | “Housing for All” in Israel Too: What Can We Learn from Vienna?

Monday | 25.04.22 | 18:00

“Housing for All” in Israel Too: What Can We Learn from Vienna

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The Vienna Municipality is implementing a policy of housing for all, whereby a substantial part of the housing market is managed as a nonprofit, and housing prices are not determined by supply and demand. A new position paper from the Adva Center in conjunction with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute examines the possibility of implementing a housing-for-all policy in Israel as a solution to the continuing housing crisis. The policy proposed by the paper aims to enable every Israeli resident to enjoy access to quality and stable housing, drawn from a broad supply of housing solutions in a variety of settlement types, without burdening themselves with heavy debt and large expenses. On the occasion of the publication of this paper we are holding a discussion with the participation of representatives of the Vienna Municipality and the umbrella organization of the Austrian housing societies, as well as holders of relevant positions in Israel, who will discuss whether and how it is possible in Israel to ensure housing for all.


18:00–19:00 In English


Max Grubman, Adva Center

Mr. Yaron Hoffmann Dishon, Adva Center

Introduction to Vienna Housing Policies

DI Daniel Glaser, Department of Housing Promotion, City of Vienna
Dr. Gerald Koessl, Researcher at the Austrian Federation of Limited-Profit Housing Associations

Questions from the audience

19:00–19:10 Break

19:10–19:45 In Hebrew

What Can We Learn from the City of Vienna; How Can We Implement ‘Housing for All’ in Israel? (In Hebrew)

Opening remarks and chair: Mr. Yaron Hoffmann Dishon, researcher at the Adva Center
Mr. Netanel Lapidot, Deputy Director for Assets and Companies, Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing
Ms. Ella Weber, Senior Planning Coordinator at the Strategy Planning Unit, Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Ms. Riki Kohan Benlulu, Social Activist in the Israel ‘Forum for Public Housing’

Questions and Discussion with Audience

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