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Solidarity and Vaccinations

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Monday | 28.03.22 | 19:00

Second panel discussion in the Solidarity and Vaccinations Series

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Pandemics do not recognize borders, as we know, but the battle against them is geopolitical. Vaccination against the coronavirus is an interesting test case of the place of geopolitics in health.

What are the boundaries of public obligation? What is the price of differences in vaccination rates? Can we continue to ignore the health situation in the global south in an era of global pandemics, and how is Israel behaving toward its neighbors in contending with the coronavirus? These are some of the questions that will come up in the discussion.

In conjunction with The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


Dr. Dorit Nitzan, former Regional Emergency Director for the European Region, Health Emergencies Programme, World Health Organization

Dr. Zohar Lederman, Rambam Health Care Campus

Dr. Anat Rosenthal, Department of Health Systems Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Moderator: Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, head, School of Public Health, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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