“Our Jews” – A Discussion of the Past and Future of the Jews of Morocco and the Muslim Sphere

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Monday | 15/03/21 06:00 pm
- Sunday | 28/03/21

“Our Jews” – A Discussion of the Past and Future of the Jews of Morocco and the Muslim Sphere

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Lecturer: Dr. Orit Vaknin-Yekutieli

Film screening (tickets must be purchased)

In Your Eyes, I See My Country

Morocco 2019, 75 minutes, Hebrew, Arabic, and French

Director: Kamal Hachkar

The couple Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen grew out of the culturally split personality that characterizes many artists in Israel: the need to be totally Israeli on the outside and the deep desire to connect to their (foreign) family tradition on the inside. Elkayam and Cohen create, adapt, research, and perform together traditional Moroccan music, like what they heard from their grandmothers, like what they found during their travels in Morocco in search of additional fragments of their identity. The director accompanies the couple on their charged musical odyssey in Morocco in which they trace their family roots. They meet musicians, government officials, former neighbors, and children in the far corners of the country and wonder what it would take to unite the various parts of their identity.

For details: *9377 / www.jer-cin.org.il

A Question of Identity: Israeliness, Arabness, and the Middle East

A collaboration of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Jerusalem Cinematheque

A series of films and lectures dealing with the multicultural, binational, ethnic, and religious identity of Israeli society

In this series we will discuss the Palestinian-Arab identity and the identity of other ethnic or religious groups in Israel and we will explore the complex relations between these groups and the hegemonic Jewish society. We will also engage with the complex Israeli identity in its Middle Eastern context.

Program / Produced by Dr. Tsameret Levy-Daphny


Dr. Orit Ouaknine-Yekutieli, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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