The deviation of the right and the hope of the left: Political passions in a post-ideological era

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Tuesday | 19.01.21 | 20:30

First encounter on the occasion of the publication of Issue 53 of the journal Theory and Criticism

Dr. Michal Givoni, Dr. Yuval Kremnitzer, Dr. Shaul Setter

The old complaint about the apathy toward politics has been replaced of late by wonder at the new buzz and excitement that political activity arouses. Suddenly everyone is in the grip of political controversy—yet it is harder than ever to analyze it according to any systematic theoretical key. How should we understand the new politics of emotionality? What links populist rapture to the liberal attempts to block it? And what does contemplation of the political urges and desires reveal about this struggle and about contemporary political life in general?


Dr. Michal Givoni, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Dr. Yuval Kremnitzer, Humboldt University, Berlin
Moderator: Dr. Shaul Setter, editor, Theory and Criticism

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