Remembering, Forgetting and the Construction of Space

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Remembering, Forgetting and the Construction of Space
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Haim Yaacobi
Tovi Fenster
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
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This collection of essays written by the members of an international workshop held at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in December 2006. The participants engaged in a multidisciplinary discussion of the reciprocal relations between remembering and forgetting, on the one side, and the construction of space and its transformation into the physical reality in which the daily lives of various communities are played out, on the other. The papers analyze case studies in Israel and elsewhere: New York, Netivot, Seoul, Acre, Dakar, Tel Aviv–Yafo, Cairo, and Jerusalem. Despite the geographical, historical, and demographic differences, all these places have a number of common lines that are related to the memory-building process (and thus to forgetting as well) and the construction of space. These similarities lead to a theoretical discussion of the planning mechanisms that shape the urban space. These mechanisms are seen as being professional, rational, and neutral, when in fact they are merely one more element of the power relations that are translated into concrete action.