Dr. Adel Manna

Adel Manna
Senior Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
contemporary and Othoman history of Palestine, Palestinians and Jerusalem, history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Arabs in Israel in the first decade of the state (1948-1956), independence and nakba: two narratives of the 1948 war

Dr. Adel Manna was the director of the Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training at Beit Berl College in 2009-2012.
Most of his research deals with the history of Palestine in the Ottoman period. Currently he is concentrating on writing a book about the Palestinians in Israel during the first decade of the existence of the State of Israel. Until 2007 he was the director of the Center for the Study of Arab Society in Israel at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. He was the editor in charge of the 2nd "Arab Society in Israel" yearbook published in 2008. A second book of his was published that year in Beirut: Society and Administration in Jerusalem during the Middle Ottoman Period . Two more of his books (in Arabic), focusing on the history of Palestine during the Ottoman period, were published in Beirut: The Notables of Palestine at the End of the Ottoman Period, 1800-1918 (1995) and History of Palestine During the Late Ottoman Period, 1700-1918 (1999). Dr. Manna has also edited The Palestinians in the Twentieth Century: an Inside Look (1999), published by the Center in Hebrew. The book contains articles by leading Palestinian scholars.

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