Dr. Avinoam Rosenak

Avinoam Rosenak
Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
contemporary Jewish thought, contemporary philosophy of Halakhah

Avinoam Rosenak is a senior lecturer at the Department of Jewish Thought of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed his B.A. (1991), M.A. (1993) and Ph.D. (1997) at the Hebrew University, while also studying at the Beit Midrash of the Shalom Hartman Institute (1991-1994). He completed his post-doctoral studies at Harvard University (2002). His field of research is Modern Jewish Philosophy and the Philosophy of the Halakhah (Jewish Law).

Among his books published outside the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute: The Prophetic Halakhah: Rabbi A.I.H. Kook's Philosophy of Halakhah, Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 2007, in Hebrew; Rabbi Kook, in the "Great Jewish Spiritual Figures" series, Jerusalem: Zalman Shazar Center, 2006, in Hebrew; Halakhah as an Agent of Change: Critical Studies in Philosophy of Halakhah, Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 2009, in Hebrew; Cracks: Unity of Opposites, the Political and Rabbi Kook's Disciples, Tel Aviv: Resling, 2013, in Hebrew.

Rosenak edited or was co-editor of five books. Two more edited volumes will be published soon; they concern the development of the Reform and Conservative movements, and will be published by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Rosenak is a board member of Identities – Journal of Jewish Culture and Identity, and the academic chair of the Philosophy of Halakhah series, published by Magnes Press and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. This series promotes research in the field of philosophy of the Halakhah. An additional volume he has edited in this series, on "Halakhah as an Event," is currently under way.

Rosenak has initiated several research groups and a series of international conferences in this field at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010 and 2013.

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