Prof. Itzhak Galnoor

Itzhak Galnoor
Senior Fellow; Academic Director of the "Privatization Policy, Regulation and the Issue of Collaborative Governance" project at the Chazan Center for Social Justice
Fields of Practice: 
political science, Israeli politics and administration, comparative politics, privatization and regulation, political humor

Itzhak Galnoor is Herbert Samuel Professor of Political Science (emeritus) at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has been a Visiting Professor at many international universities, and served on the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and edited its Advances in Political Science book series, published by Cambridge University Press.

In 1994–96 he was Head of the Civil Service Commission in the Government headed by Itzhak Rabin. A member of the Israel Science Foundation's Executive Committee and in charge of its Humanities and Social Sciences division (2001-2007); on the Governing Board of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2003-2007); Deputy Chair of the Council for Higher Education 2007-2008. Galnoor was the head of the Israeli Political Science Association (2012-2015). His book (with Dana Blander) The Israeli Political System (2013) is forthcoming in English in 2017 by Cambridge University Press, and will be published in Arabic as well. Since 2007 Galnoor is a Senior Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Academic Director of the "Privatization Policy, Regulation and the Issue of Collaborative Governance" project at the Chazan Center for Social Justice. Results of the privatization research were published in 2015 in the book (with Amir Paz-Puchs and Nomika Zion) Privatization Policy in Israel: State Responsibility and the Boundaries between the Public and the Private.

In 2015 Galnoor was awarded in Montreal, Canada, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Association of Israel Studies (AIS), and in 2016 – the Achievement Award of the Israel Political Science Association.

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