Dr. Rabah Halabi

Rabah Halabi
Coordinator of the research group: "The Druze in Israel: Affiliation, Identity, and Future Challenges"
Arab-Jewish relations, national and ethnic identities, education, conflict resolution, the Druze identity in Israel

Dr. Rabah Halabi has a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He teaches in the Department of Education at the Hebrew University and at the Oranim Academic College. For twenty years he facilitated meetings between Palestinians and Jews in Israel. He is the author of Citizens with Equal Obligations: Druze Identity in the Jewish State. He edited Dialogue between Identities, which deals with the approach of the Peace School and Arab-Jewish meetings in general. The book has been translated into Arabic, English, and German. He has also edited articles in Arabic on the educational philosophy of Paolo Freire. His main areas of expertise are identity of the Druze community in Israel, Jewish-Arabic meetings, identity and education, multicultural education, and critical education.