Dr. Shlomo Tikochinski

Shlomo Tikochinski
Researcher of the Jewish Musar movement and the Holocaust
Fields of Practice: 
Lithuanian yeshivas, the Lithuanian Musar Movement
History of the Jewish people, Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel

Dr. Shlomo Tikochinski deals with modern histories, with an emphasis on Lithuanian and Polish Jewry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His areas of specialization are the Lithuanian yeshivas and the entrenchment of the ultra-Orthodox sector in Israel.

Since 1999 he has been working at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, serving as academic editor, and as director of the projects: The Jewish Musar Movement: Theory, Practice, and Contemporary Contexts; The Lithuanian Yeshiva and Its Connection to the Public Space in Israel; and Discourse between Worlds. He currently does research on the Jewish Musar movement and the Holocaust, supported by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (see attached file).