Dr. Tsameret Levy-Daphny

Dr. Tsameret Levy-Daphny
Director, The Forum for Contemporary Turkish Studies
Fields of Practice: 
Ottoman History, Modern Turkey, Socio-Cultural History, Turkish Cinema as a tool for understanding society and culture

Dr. Tsameret Levy-Daphny completed her doctoral studies at the School of History at Tel Aviv University in 2015. During her studies she was awarded a Paedagogica grant as well as a fellowship from Koc University in Istanbul, where she was a Research Fellow in 2008-2009 at the Center for Anatolian Civilization (RCAC).

Her doctoral thesis sought to contribute to a deeper understanding of Ottoman societies and Ottoman politics of the eighteenth century by discussing the relations between the center and the periphery, especially between Istanbul and the province of Diyarbakır (south-east Turkey). Through the reconstruction of personal stories of the high-level functionaries in eighteenth-century Diyarbakır – an era and area that have long been neglected in scholarship – and through research of their material culture (houses, animals and goods), her work attempted to understand the social mechanism of the Ottoman household. Through the prism of material culture she demonstrated how these household members created their political and social status, and at the same time how their social affiliation affected their modes of consumption.

Since 2016 Tsameret Levy-Daphny is the director of The Forum for Contemporary Turkish Studies at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. The forum encourages interdisciplinary research of Turkey (historical, sociological and cultural) in addition to the development of open academic comparative relations between Turkey and Israel. This comparative perspective between the two countries will hopefully lead to a better understanding of Turkey, one of the important players in the Middle East.