Language as Culture: New Perspectives on Hebrew

Language as Culture: New Perspectives on Hebrew
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Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Hakibutz Hameuhad
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Language as Culture: New Perspectives on Hebrew examines the Hebrew language in its cultural context. The authors are language scholars and individuals whose work is bound up with Hebrew: members of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, educators, writers, translators, journalists. Several of the articles were written by an observer who has mapped the cultural field of Hebrew. Others are testimony of those who work with the language about their tool: Hebrew as they experience it when they translate to or from it, when they write about it in their stories, when they simply use it in conversation. This is a mosaic that addresses questions of translation and construction, of education and globalization, of street language and sacred language, of the relation between Hebrew and other languages, of speech and writing, of mother tongue and father language.