German-Israeli Research Cooperation in the Humanities (1970-2000): Studies on Scholarship and Bilaterality

Years of Activity: 2014 - 2019

Research Status:


Dr. des. Irene Aue-Ben-David, Prof. Dr. Raphael Gross, Jenny Hestermann, Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Yonatan Siloh-Dayan, Prof. Yfaat Weiss

Research contacts between Israeli and German scholars are proving fruitful. We are witnessing a growing number of joint Israeli-German research projects, fellowships and conferences and an increasing flow of researchers and funding between Germany and Israel. This is especially true for researchers in the Sciences. In recent decades, cooperation in the Humanities has also reached a remarkable level of development. This has taken place despite comparatively late and controversial origins.
This project examines from an interdisciplinary perspective these origins and the establishment of German-Israeli research cooperation in the Humanities, especially in the fields of History and German Literature. The main question this project will examine is how this cooperation affects the Humanities in Israel and Germany.

The project also aims to shed light on the relation of politics and scholarship: What were the political implications of German-Israeli Science projects? Were the scholarly and political attitudes of German and Israeli researchers in these disciplines in harmony at the beginning? Were these initial attitudes transformed through cooperation?

Main fields of research include:

  • Motivation for German-Israeli research cooperation in the Humanities
  • Original Situation of the Israeli Humanities and the consequences of the cooperation
  • Effects on German Science Policy and the German Humanities.

This research project is a joint initiative of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Fritz Bauer Institute, Frankfurt a.M.


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