Trends in Research on Academe in Israel: A Multidisciplinary Discussion

Years of Activity: 2014 - 2019

Research Status:


Jamila Alnashef, Uri Cohen, Nitza Davidovich, Yael Efron, Shaul Katz, Shifra Kish, Oded Makedusi, Ronen Mandelkern, Daniel Mishori, Semadar Noi, Mariana Ruah-Midbar, Doron Timor

The study of academe in Israel has grown considerably in recent years. These studies are varied and include such topics as relations between academe and industry, inequality in higher education, the national-historic context of the relations between science and state, the current policy toward science and technology, the ethics of the processes of producing scientific-academic knowledge, and the political activity of academic researchers. These studies contribute greatly to a description of the academic system in Israel, in the past and in the present, and to an evaluation of its place in the contexts of the nation and world. Other important questions will arise from the juxtaposition of these studies with each other and from an examination of the relationships between various processes of change in Israeli academe. Meetings that bring together distinct research traditions are likely to produce innovative and fruitful approaches to the study of academe, create bridges to different areas of knowledge, and make possible the study of the sources, practices, and meanings of the processes of change that characterize Israeli academe today. The group’s discussions are grounded in just such a research discourse, with the aim of raising and formulating questions that will point the way for innovative studies in the future.



The group has fifteen participants and meets monthly. It provides a shared space for a discourse between researchers in diverse disciplines: education, sociology and anthropology, law, management, philosophy, history, political science, and cultural studies.

The group has hosted Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund and Prof. Moshe Idel for discussions, and has visited the Weizmann Institute for a conversation with Prof. Haim Harari.

In December 2014 the group held a meeting that was open to the public and included a screening of the film Ivory Tower, which concerns the crisis in higher education in the United States. The screening was followed by a discussion with Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron, the deputy chair of the Council for Higher Education. To view the meeting click here