Is a grant for every citizen a correct policy?

Yael Shalev-Vigiser | 29.07.2020 | Photo: Unsplash

We have just been informed that the National Insurance Institute is going to give a grant to every citizen.

The dispute surrounding the measure, which began as soon as the prime minister announced it in mid-July, is still raging. We recommend rereading the article "Rethinking Our Working Premise" by Itzik Pazuelo, published in the Hazman Hazeh magazine, about that exact question.

The reduction of economic activity due to the spread of the coronavirus fatally harmed sources of income and many lost their jobs. Such a crisis resurfaces questions of principle about the state's support of citizens who do not work. On the backdrop of the years-long crisis of the present economic-political order, there are those who propose a radical reform that calls to give every citizen a basic income without preconditions and regardless of employment status. But this proposal actually encompasses two opposite plans: neoliberal ideologues wish to use it as a platform for the eradication of the welfare state, whereas left-wing circles propose a far-reaching reform that seeks to mitigate the threat of descent into poverty, which constitutes a main engine of workers' entry into the workforce. And over all of this hover questions of economic feasibility.

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