On Campus & Online | How Do You Teach the Conflict? Political Education and the Tangled Roots TV Series

Sunday | 20.03.22 | 18:30

איך מלמדים סכסוך? חינוך פוליטי והסדרה

Screening of an episode of Tangled Roots on campus |

Panel discussion live |

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The documentary series Tangled Roots, created by Anat Zeltzer and Modi Bar-On, presents a complex view of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The six parts of the series trace the roots of the conflict and recreate the conflictual path leading from the Balfour Declaration to the 1948 war that has shaped and kept the conflict going to this day.

Using archival materials and a historical analysis by Jewish and Arab scholars, the series raises questions about political education and civics education in a society locked in a continuing conflict.


Live panel | 19:10


Chair and moderator: Dr. Assaf David, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and The Forum for Regional Thinking

Prof. Hillel Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, participant in the Tangled Roots series

Dr. Samira Alayan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and David Yellin College of Education

Orit Sommer, principal, Keshet High School, Jerusalem

Dr. Yitzhak Geiger, teacher of history and civics and independent scholar

Anat Zeltzer, creator of the series

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