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How Israel Contends as a Jewish State with Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Thursday | 10.03.22 | 18:00 - 22:00

פליטים, לא יהודים

Film screening on campus | panel discussion live |

An event at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Cinematheque

The Day After: Human Mobility in the 21st Century

Five days of talks and film screenings on immigration and mobility, 6–10.3.2022


Live panel | 18:40


Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Prof. Galia Sabar, Rabbi Reuven Tal Yassu, former MK Yehuda Glick

Moderator: Journalist Moriah Kor

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Following the war in the Ukraine and the question of the attitude toward refugees, which has become more acute than ever, we will gather to rethink and discuss Israel's way of contending as a Jewish state with refugees and asylum seekers.

In recent years, as part of the international migration crisis, Israel has had to contend with the entry of non-Jewish migrants seeking asylum from persecution, wars, and economic difficulties. This is a sensitive and important topic that sparks sharp disagreement. At the heart of the conflict are the basic issues of the interpretation of the constitutional nature of the State of Israel and Israel’s obligation to its definition as a Jewish and democratic country. Striking in its omission is the mention, from a Jewish perspective, of the issue of providing asylum to non-Jews and its influence on the values and character of the Jewish state. We will raise these issues in an open discussion in order to rethink Israel’s relations as a Jewish state with those who seek asylum here.




White Eye

Screening of the film in the auditorium and in the Cinematheque website >

Director: Tomer Shushan

This film, in one continuous shot, follows a night-time confrontation between a young Tel Aviv man who is looking for his bicycle, which has disappeared, and a young Eritrean worker whom the Tel Avivian suspects of stealing it. The dispute between the two intensifies after the authorities appear.

Israel 2021 | 20 minutes | Hebrew





Screening of the film in the auditorium only

Director: Sophie Deraspe

Canadian director Sophie Deraspe presents a contemporary, electrifying, and moving cinematic adaptation of Sophocles’ classic Greek tragedy Antigone. The heroine of the film is the daughter of a family of refugees from Algeria, an outstanding student who devises a brilliant and altruistic plan for rescuing her brother from prison, where he is being held although he is innocent. But the noose around her neck tightens, and she must remain steadfast against the judicial authorities—refusing to compromise on her sense of justice and drawing many to support her struggle, on social media and in colorful protests.

Canada 2019 | 109 minutes | French | Hebrew subtitles

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