A Return to Roots?

Foraging, Heirloom Varieties, and Organic Food

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Tuesday | 04.08.20 | 19:00

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The return to natural, organic, or indigenous food is part of a trending global movement that values the local and sustainable in contrast to polluting food industries. In the land of contention, the “return to nature” is rooted in social and political issues of territorial borders and claims to ownership. Where is the growing interest in foraging situated between the protection of nature and the preservation of tradition? How do gastronomy, the restaurant industry, and the agricultural sector contend with ethical and legal questions related to heritage and sustainability?

Session Five - In English

A Roundtable Series about Food and Politics

Turning the Tables: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines on the Cutting Board

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Chefs, sommeliers, and scholars, Jews and Arabs, talk about food and politics in the kitchen.


Lana Khaskia, Farmer, and educator

Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick, Historian of food and nutrition

Dr. Rafi Grosglik, University of California, Davis

Dr. Nasser Abufarha, Director, Canaan Fair Trade



Prof. Daniel Monterescu | Central European University, Budapest

Yair Yosefi | Chef and owner of Brut, Tel Aviv

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