Between Terroir and Territory

Wine, Food, and Borders

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Tuesday | 18.08.20 | 19:00

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In recent years the distinction between the food and wine industries on both sides of the Green Line is being erased. How does food reflect the tension between terroir as a quality space and territory as a political space? How does the BDS movement affect the wine industry? The final session will conclude with an open discussion of terroir between gastro-politics and gastro-diplomacy.

Steering committee: Prof. Daniel Monterescu, Omar Elwan, Yair Yosefi, Noa Berger, Basma Fahoum, Gal Ben Moshe

Session Six

A Roundtable Series about Food and Politics

Turning the Tables: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines on the Cutting Board

Live on Facebook and the Van Leer website

Chefs, sommeliers, and scholars, Jews and Arabs, talk about food and politics in the kitchen.


Prof. Nir Avieli. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Nemi Ashkar, Owner and Winemaker, Ashkar Winery, Kfar Yassif
Sari Khouri, Owner and Winemaker, Philokalia Winery, Bethlehem
Edan Barulfan, Lawyer and author of “Regional Protection”


Prof. Daniel Monterescu, Central European University, Budapest
Gal Ben Moshe, Owner and Chef, Prism, Berlin

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